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Cold and Flu Prevention

Halloween is over, the weather has cooled off and we’ve set our clocks back. These signs all herald the coming of winter. Cold & Flu season is upon us. Many people dread winter because it brings with it sniffles, coughs and chills.  Make your winter more enjoyable by following these tips to boost your immune system and prevent colds from taking hold in your body.


  • Cold & flu prevention begins with frequent & vigorous hand washing to prevent the spread of germs.  Scrub your hands with soap for 20 seconds making sure you get the palms, backs of hands, between the fingers, under fingernails and in the wrist crease for a complete clean.  
  • Moisturize afterward to prevent skin from drying out and cracking. Cracked skin can harbour the viruses and infect you later.
  • Also remember cough/sneeze into your sleeve to help prevent the spead of viruses through droplets in the air.

Vitamin D3

  • This vitamin plays a vital role in immune function.  New research suggests that adults get 1,000 IU per day.  Take your vitamin with food for proper absorption.
  • Another helpful vitamin is Vitamin C. The best source is whole citrus fruits and vegetables (kale, brocoli, brussels sprouts….and more).

Neti Pot

  • neti pot is a small pot filled with warm saline solution.  It is used to  irrigate the sinus cavity, washing away dust, pollen, bacteria & viruses, to prevent infection.  It will also rinse away mucus/phlegm and make breathing easier should you get infected.


  • Adequate deep rest is important for keeping us healthy. For most adults 8 hours is a good number to aim for. It is during sleep that the body has a chance to make essential repairs and fight off invaders.


  • Acupuncture has been found to improve immune function. It also reduces stress which is an immune system depressant.
  •  Acupuncture also reduces insomnia to make sure you get the rest you need to stay healthy.

Herbal Medicine

  • “Jade Windscreen Powder” is a simple herbal formula that helps to strengthen the immune system to stay healthy.  It is taken prior to getting sick as a preventative measure.  
  • There are also formulas to help you return to health should you catch a cold.

Flu Shot

  • Another helpful preventative measure is the flu shot. It is free to all Albertans and this year most pharmacies are offering it to clients over the age of 5; making it more convenient than ever to get it.

There are many other prevention methods (healthy eating, exercise, etc) and plenty of home remedies if you do get sick (chicken noodle soup anyone?).  Do what you can at home to stay healthy and if you need some help drop by for a consultation to find out how Traditional Chinese Medicine can assist in keeping you virus-free and enjoying your winter.