I have been seeing Laureen for over a year now. She is awesome! I am not the biggest fan of needles and had some serious anxiety before appointments but that is almost totally gone now! The technique of abdominal acupuncture that she used on me was so cool. It was also more relaxing because all of the needles are in one place so I wasn’t worried about moving my arms and legs and I don’t know how it works but the tension in my right shoulder was gone! Pretty cool. Highly recommended.” – J. Labelle

Very caring and compassionate therapist. She has a gentle spirit and she genuinely listens, I believe that helped me a lot and my recovery was in few weeks after years of chronic stress. Highly recommended practice … An amazing holistic experience …”  – Mary

I have used Laureen Macintosh as my therapist since 2007. She can’t seem to stop my ageing, but I feel so much better after each session. I would highly recommend anyone to use her services. My daughter and my wife have also used her skills and they love her. Get well today and contact her.” – Bruce F.

Dr Laureen Macintosh is a very pleasant person to go for massage and acupuncture. She is very dedicated to her work and takes pride in helping her clients relieve all their pain. The massages and acupuncture treatments I got from her were very satisfying. I would recommend her for massage and acupuncture anytime.” – G. Dhillon

I flew to Toronto …the day after my last visit and I had no problems whatsoever with my ears on the plane – a huge relief. And I would say within 48 hours after our last session my hearing had completely returned. It was amazing! I cannot thank you enough. I don’t know how you did it but you cured my “mystery deafness” that no amount of anti-histamines and anti-biotics could solve.” – Eva H.

Please pass along to Dr. Macintosh that baby is head down!! This was confirmed in an ultrasound this morning which came as a huge relief. I am extremely grateful for everyone’s help and the holistic team approach toward my health and the health of baby M.” – T.M.

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